Hi, I’m MeanderingChris and this is just another blog.

Join me while I share what an outreach minister works on and for random comments about current events and my home, Indianapolis.

I am a church lady with a Master’s Degree in pastoral leadership. I try to push outreach into social justice activism. I am a bit addicted to public policy. I have been known to be sassy or sarcastic, but mostly I just like funny. I don’t think there are enough personal blogs in the world so I am adding my own.

Why this blog and why now? I approached the church I work at about ordination and was told that I should teach more (during a pandemic… when everything was shut down… sure, ok). Anyway I don’t need to get into that any further on this page. The suggestions included podcasting, videos, or a blog. I hate watching videos and would probably hate making them even more. I didn’t really want to invest in proper audio equipment yet, so podcasting is out. So, blog it is. My intention is to talk about the things I learned in school, the things I am working on, and current events in light of what the Bible teaches us. While I don’t mind lively discussion, I ask that we keep insults in our heads and act as if Jesus is reading this. You can follow me on Twitter @meanderingchris.

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