Beliefs and other things you should know before reading

A little about my background. I come from a restoration movement background and attended a restoration movement university for my Master’s Degree in pastoral leadership. I currently work in a large church and serve as a chaplain. My undergrad was from a Midwest liberal arts college. My politics are to the left, considerably so for a church employee from flyover country. I am a feminist and I believe that women should be allowed to preach and teach in the pulpit. This blog will likely cover what I have learned in school, social commentary, and my answers to questions that get asked of ministers all the time. Why a blog and not a journal? I sought ordination in my church and was told that I shouldn’t be ordained until I have taught classes. Somehow I was supposed to accomplish that during a pandemic that shut down gatherings and our church. I was told that I could have a Bible study in my house, make videos, or write a blog. Since Covid is not kept outside the force field I should apparently have around my house, I nixed the gathering. I hate watching videos and I’m guessing I would hate making them more. So, blog it is. Here I am writing in public and pretty unsettled about it. I am nervous about being attacked by those who can’t stand the voices of women. I am uncomfortable about the idea that people may walk up to me and want to discuss what I wrote during inappropriate times. I am worried that people will type awful things in the comments. But here I am putting myself on display. I only ask that you be gentle in your admonishments (2 Timothy 2:24-25) and kind in your words. Let’s just act like Jesus is reading this.

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